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  • Sick of having a dream but no clue how to get there?
  • Tired of working ALL THE HOURS but seeing no results?
  • Constantly bogged down and overwhelmed by everything you need to do to grow your biz?


Your Business Lounge is designed to help those who want to leave their 9-5 for good and to create a business doing what they love.  It's for people who want more from life than just the 'norm'.  It's for people who believe that life's just too short not to spend it doing the things that light you up. And it's for people who believe that we are better together.

If that's you, then I would like to invite you to become one of my founding members. You'll be a part of the Lounge right from the start and you'll help me to shape it into something special. In turn, it will help to shape your business too. As a team, we'll support one another, learn from one another and grow together - so much more than we would grow alone.

This community is built on 4 key pillars:​


Access to all my current and future courses and training. You'll follow a Business Success Path based on where you are right now.


A 1-1 welcome call. Regular group masterminds, hot seat coaching calls and Q&A's


Join our YBL Business Directory, make use of our Notice Boards or sign up for an Accountability Partner


Regular co-working opportunities in our Zoom 'office' or just pop into the Facebook group for a chat!

Introductory rate of £9.99 per month (or £99 for a year)


I'll be launching YBL at £19.99 per month - but as a founding member you'll get a 50% discount.  Come join us right at the start.  You can be the one to show others the ropes when they join. The one who knows how it all works.  Join for £9.99 per month now and your subscription will be fixed - even when I add more features and increase prices again!


I'm very happy to answer them! Just pop an email to or post them in my Business Class Facebook group.​