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About this course

Everything you need to start, grow and engage a thriving Facebook Group for your business.

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Course Structure

2 Lessons

Engage your Facebook group

Trainings and tactics to get your groups buzzing

Facebook Group Engagement

Strategies and resources to boost the engagement in your Facebook Group

BONUS TRAINING: How to boost the engagement in your FB group

Loads of inspiration to create some buzz in your group.

2 Chapters

Grow your Facebook Group

Trainings & resources to help you to fill your group with ideal clients

Trainings 2 Lessons

Setting up a Facebook Group

A step by step tutorial on how to create and set up a Facebook Group for your business.

5 Day Challenge: Add 100 new members to your Facebook group 6 Lessons

Day 1: Pitch Perfect

Create the perfect pitch to attract your ideal clients to your Facebook group.

Day 2: Looking the part

Optimising your group so it's irresistible to your ideal clients.

Day 3: Get growing!

Learn a powerful tactic to grow your group - especially when you've just launched it.

Day 4: Promotion Points

Loads of ideas and inspiration to promote your group.

Day 5: Collabo-great!

One of the most powerful tactics you can use to grow your group quickly.

BONUS TRAINING: Grow your group, grow your list!

This is my most effective tactic to grow my email list right now!

1 Lesson

Selling on Facebook

How to actually grow your audience AND sell to them.

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