Freedom Could be Closer Than You Think!

Imagine building a business that more than replaced your 9-5 income...

  • No more feeling constantly torn between work & family
  • Creative & ethical freedom to run your biz how YOU want
  • No more wasted hours of commute
  • Realising that 'dream home' doesn't have to be just a dream after all...

It's completely possible!

When you're an online business owner, it's not at all uncommon to be met with comments like 'don't you think you should get a real job?' or 'are you still messing around with that hobby of yours?'...

None of that helps when you've got your own little nagging voice constantly whispering 'am I doing the right thing?' and 'who do I think I am - there's no way that I can do this...'

Of course you can do this! It just makes sense. If you're doing something you love, something that you're passionate about - then it isn't a question of IF you'll succeed or IF you'll ever be able to quit your 9-5, it's just a question of WHEN.

You don't have to do this alone!

So you had this dream.  A dream of quitting the rat race and finding another way.  A better way! One where you're free to do what you love, to set your own hours, to work from where you please and to earn more than would ever be possible in your corporate role. 

It was all wonderful until you started doing your research and then suddenly you were consumed by content! So much to learn, so little time and nothing actually getting DONE. Sound familiar?

The thing is, that overwhelm you're feeling; it happens when you don't know how to filter the information out there.  There is SO. MUCH. of it and there's just no way you can ever read it all, learn it all - and certainly not, DO it all.  

That's where Your Business Lounge comes in, giving you a simple roadmap to follow

Having a Crisis of Confidence?

When you're going it alone, it can be a struggle to stay motivated and focused on that task in hand.

It just takes one bad day and suddenly, we find ourselves watching Netflix box-sets rather than working on our biz.  It's easier to bury your head in the sand than to put yourself out there and risk failing...

That's where Your Business Lounge comes in, offering ongoing support whenever you need it

What a difference to be able to chat to someone who knows what you're going through and can help you to get out of your own head - and back to building your business!

3 Benefits of Community


Find opportunities to collaborate


Friends to keep you on the straight and narrow


Build a Strong Support Network

Is Your Business Lounge a good fit?

Your Business Lounge is for people who;

  • Value freedom over money
  • Want to start and grow a business that will have a positive impact on the world
  • Are do-ers, not just dreamers
  • Aren't yet making consistent income from their business

​Sound like you? Then your new family are waiting!

  • No more going it alone
  • No more feeling lost and overwhelmed
  • No more listening to that little voice saying you can't do it
  • No more parties of one when you have a business win

Introducing: Your Business Lounge

Here's what you get...

  • Online Business Coaching On Tap: During my 13 year corporate career, I worked in Customer Relationship Management, Customer Service, Product Marketing and Email Marketing. I also built my own business so that I could quit my 9-5 and start living a life I love! In Your Business Lounge, my experience is yours.
  • Personal Welcome Call: If you're keen to hit the ground running, then we can have a 1-1 welcome call where I'll show you the ropes so you can get the most from all the great features.
  • Bi-monthly Hot Seat Coaching Calls: Put your name down for one of our fortnightly Zoom Coaching Calls to snap up 1 of 4 x 30 minute 1-1 coaching slots.  We'll brainstorm a particular project or challenge that you're working on.
  • Clear Success Path: Based on where you are with your business, we'll suggest a starting point on our Business Lounge Success Path and from there, you can follow the clearly mapped out stages to get you to the next level.
  • Success Path Mastermind Sessions: Monthly mastermind sessions by Zoom, for anyone at your Success Path level.  Chatting to people at a similar stage to you can really help to inspire, comfort and motivate!
  • Accountability Partners: Add your name to our Business Matchmaker and we'll match you with another member who fits your business and personality.
  • Access to My Entire Course Library: Take advantage of all my existing and future training courses, designed to help you to create and build your business - and to quit your 9-5 for good.  It doesn't matter what stage of your journey you're on - there's something there for you.
  • Private Facebook Group: Your chance to mix, mingle and make friends with your new family.  


That's less than half the cost of that latte you buy on the way to work each morning...

It's less than the cost of the lotto ticket you buy each week, in the hope of leaving your 9-5 that way instead...

It's even less than the bottle of win you buy every Friday, to celebrate end of another week in the office...

Colette Broomhead
Founder of Your Business Lounge

About Colette Broomhead

In the latter stages of my 13 year corporate career, working for a FTSE 30 company, I became obsessed with finding a 'better way'.  I believe that life is too short not to spend it doing the things we love and so I made it my mission to find a way to follow my passions, have time with my family and do it all on my terms.

My mission is to help as many people as possible to do the same. Whether you want more time with your kids, more opportunity to travel, or just more financial freedom, I want to help you to find YOUR way, quit your 9-5 for good and create a business doing what you love.

What's Stopping You?

"I just don't have the money to invest in my business"

In Your Business Lounge, you'll get access to courses which alone are worth £1000's, but that's only a tiny part of the benefits! The connections you'll make, the 1-1 advice and support you'll get, the loyalty and support of your very own business family... for less than £1 per day.  Would you rather carry on as you are or take that little risk, make that small investment and start to see the huge changes in your business?

"I'm an introvert - I'm happy going it alone"

I'm an introvert too! I totally get it - the idea of big groups of people being a bit 'bleurgh' - BUT, there's no pushiness here. We're all about family, support and being a safe space for EVERYONE. Building a business is tough and those of us who seek the support of others will get there faster.

"I'm already overwhelmed by courses, coaching & content"

That's why Your Business Lounge is designed to REMOVE overwhelm. Our training is separated into stages of the Business Lounge Success Path.  Just starting out? Then you'll be directed to the content relevant to you.  Focusing on growing your biz and building your visibility? Then you'll be directed to the courses most helpful for you... and so on! No overwhelm here, just a clear path and a whole load of support.